PS4 Wired Headset, PHOINIKAS Wired Gaming Headset for Xbox One, PC, Bluetooth Wireless Headset with 7.1 Bass Surround, Noise Cancelling Mic Gaming Headset, LED Light, Bluetooth Up to 40H – Green

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Product Description


gaming headsetgaming headset

Why are PHOINIKAS headphones worth buying?

PHOINIKAS headset has two modes: Bluetooth wireless mode and wired mode. We have improved the performance of existing gaming headsets and added Bluetooth to enable the headset to have the dual function of gaming headsets and music headsets.
Wireless Bluetooth Mode for Music: In Bluetooth mode, you can enjoy up to 40 hours on a single charge. You can enjoy music, movies when you are away from home, office, etc. (Note 1: The headphone part is wireless with built-in mic. You also can use the in-line microphone on audio cable. Note 2: It is not recommended to connect to professional gaming devices in Bluetooth mode. To connect Xbox one or PS4, please plug in the audio cable and turn it into Wired Mode.)
Wired Mode for Gaming: In the wired mode, it turns into a professional gaming headset for your Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox one, PC, with volume control knob sitting on the 3.5mm detachable audio cable (Some devices require an additional adapter). Plug it in and enjoy clear and powerful bass stereo surround sound in your games. it is not a bluetooth headset for your Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox one and PC.
Wireless mode: Music, Mobile phone, calling, Movie, Sports, Please connect to bluetooth.
Wired mode : Xbox one, PS4, Gamepad, Computer, Pad, Please plug in audio cable.

gaming headset gaming headset

Anomalies Solutions:

Q: No sound or only one earmuff make a sound when plugging the audio cable?
A: This situation is generally caused by poor contact, so please insert the audio cable again and make sure that the audio cable is fully inserted.
Q: Microphone doesn’t work?
1 First of all, please make it clear that this is a wired headset. When playing games, only the detachable microphone on the audio line can be used.
2 Then, please make sure the one-key mute on the audio line is off.
3 After completing the above operations, if the problem still exists, please ask us for a replacement audio cable

Bluetooth headsetBluetooth headset

Anomalies Solutions:

Q: How to connect headphones via bluetooth?
1 Continuously press power button (about 3s);
2 When heard sounding of “Power ON” and indicator lights’ lighting red and blue color separately, turn on the bluetooth function of your mobile or other’s equipment;(it is important to wait for the indicator lights’ lighting become red and blue color separately)
3 Start to search, when searched “Q10” and connected, the indicator lights will shine per five seconds, then it has connected successfully.
Q: How to charge the Bluetooth headset?
A: Before Insert the USB charger line into the charging port, please make sure the USB is in right position, If the direction is wrong, it is easy to damage the charging port and make it impossible to recharge



Package include:

What you need is in our packaging

1x headphones

1x product manual

1x 3.5mm audio cable

1x USB charging cable

1x splitter cable

Why should you choose our headset?

Why should you choose our headset?

There are many reasons for your choice:

Different from the products you see in the market, the PHOINIKA Q10 headset can not only satisfy your gaming experience, but also has the following functions to help you listen to music or watch movies. It is a wired and wireless 2-in-1 headset.




Q10 headsetQ10 headset

🎧2 in 1 HEADSET🎧: After researching the gaming headsets on the market, we designed this wired and wireless dual-mode headset: wired mode for gaming, wireless mode for music. it is designed to be a professional gaming headset, but at the same time, it can be used as bluetooth wireless headset. Bluetooth function can be used in many situations except games, such as listening to songs, watching movies, making calls , etc.
🎧PROFESSIONAL GAMING HEADSET🎧: Connect the gaming headset and your PS4, Xbox One, PC or Nintendo Switch with the 3.5mm detachable audio cable, it is a professional gaming headset in wired model. With the noise canceling microphone and 7.1 boss surround, the headphone can provide a clear and powerful stereo sound in the game.
🎧EXCELLENT MUSIC OVER EAR HEADSET🎧: Use the bluetooth to connect your phone, PC, ipad and the bluetooth wireless headset, you can enjoy music, movies at any time and any where in bluetooth wireless model. 40mm large aperture driver and 40H playtime, ensure the stability and fidelity of the sound.
🎧COMFORTABLE DESIGN🎧: The Bluetooth headset uses a 40mm large aperture driver to bring 7.1 surround sound effects. The CSR chip realizes stable, high-quality and lossless audio transmission, ensuring the stability and fidelity of the sound. The headset has a high-quality built-in microphone and NFC technology. Skin-friendly protein leather ear cushions provide extra comfort, improved bass response and better noise isolation, and enjoy high quality long-term listening comfort.
🎧IMPORTANT NOTES🎧: Note 1:The headphone cable needs to be plugged in the game mode, please make sure your device is a 3.5mm jack, otherwise you need to add an adapter. Note 2: The headphone has a built-in microphone, it can only be use when making a call. Note 3: The headphone has an LED on-off key, you can turn the lights on / off according to your preferences.

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PS4 Wired Headset, PHOINIKAS Wired Gaming Headset for Xbox One, PC, Bluetooth Wireless Headset with 7.1 Bass Surround, Noise Cancelling Mic Gaming Headset, LED Light, Bluetooth Up to 40H – Green


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